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"Knowing about growth hacking was a game-changer for me."
Abhimanyu Choithramani

Imagine having access to great founders & CEOs at your fingertips...

  • What if you could join a community of entrepreneurs all committed to growing their businesses from $0 to $1 billion and beyond?
  • What if that group works together, assists each other and mentor each other for growth hacking never like before.
  • What if that community have entrepreneurs who have achieved $10m to $100m worth?

How RISE 10X will help you to growth hacking ...

  • Helps You To Access To Entrepreneurs Around The World

    Knowing the right person at right time saves your time and money.

  • Mistakes To Avoid

    Every business has challenges and which lead to mistakes. If you are new to industry the group will help you avoid the mistake they have done in the past.

  • Focus At Right Place

    Getting lost in desert is easy.Surround yourself with right people to stay focused.

  • Survival For The Fittest

    Being an entrepreneurs you may have passion, but people around may not be as passionate as you. Get yourself surrounded by like minded people.

Why Smart Entrepreneurs & Founders Are Joining Rise 10X …

Our members join for many reason but often include:

  • Feeling stagnant with their growth or want to grow exponentially faster than they already are.
  • Are currently stressed, have a high workload, putting out fires and stuck in the weeds of their business but know inherently that there’s a much better way.
  • Seeing tremendous growth opportunities, but don’t know where to start when raising money & how to avoid common investment traps.
  • Hit a brick wall with their distribution channels and not sure where to go next for continued growth.
  • Growing too fast and not knowing how to take full advantage of that growth.
  • Are looking for proven shortcuts and resources that are tried, proven and tested by other world-class entrepreneurs, unlike the free advice shoveled out on blogs by inexperienced writers.
  • Looking to exit their businesses through acquisition or going public, and dealing with the challenges of hiring a management team prior to exit.
  • Looking to partner with other entrepreneurs on new opportunities, ideas & startups.
  • Know that surrounding themselves with like-minded people will increase their chance of success exponentially.
  • Dealing with the challenges of hiring top talent, but realize that others have solved this problem; and that hiring the right people can truly change the trajectory of a business.
  • Realize that most successful entrepreneurs have a large network of mentors, coaches, friends and colleagues they can tap into for advice, but don’t have the time, energy or will to spend hours in meetups or conferences.

Our Founders Have Already Done It…

I’ve raised over $200 million in funding for my SaaS business

Eddie Machaalani,
Co-Founder of BigCommerce & 4x Tech Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

What questions can I ask and what will I learn?

There’s no limit to what you can ask and what you can get help with. Our community has members who’ve grown their companies to multiple stages, $1m, $5m, $10m even over $100m. Some have raised tons of money, others have bootstrapped. Along the way, they’ve had to solve common business issues, such as product market fit, how to scale, hiring great people, raising money, creating growth frameworks, accelerating lead gen and a whole lot more. We guarantee that you’re going to be blown away by the knowledge in here. On the flip side, we know you also have something amazing to share and we also expect you’ll share that and help others through their journey. This is a win-win community.

I submitted an application. Will I be accepted?


Everyone who submits an application goes through a rigorous verification process to help maintain the quality of our community. If you do not meet these standards, you will not be accepted.

Can my membership be revoked?

As a community of world class entrepreneurs, it is important that we are helping each other & treating each other with respect. If you cannot do this, your membership will be immediately revoked.

Why Slack & not a Facebook group?


It’s simple — Slack is a productivity tool used by entrepreneurs to efficiently communicate. Conversations in Slack can be private and organized. Furthermore, Slack gives you more control over the notifications that you receive.

Why not a physical entrepreneurship group?

Physical entrepreneurship groups are limited by their location and are a lot like gyms: you may have a membership, but it doesn’t mean you’ll actually go. With Rise 10X, you’ll have world-class talent at your fingertips without having to hop a flight or spend time away from family, friends or work.

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